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General Information

All sessions start off with a lymphatic drainage massage. This is to open up drains where all the liquefied fat will exit your body. We use different techniques to help you get as close as possible to your desired results. Prices are set based on areas of interest, this means that we will utilize all the equipment available to help achieve your personal goals. In order to determine the amount of sessions you need, we will perform a thorough client consultation and cellulite analysis on your first appointment.
Your first treatment will show immediate changes, and we recommend one session every 4-5 days (once a week) and no less than 3-12 sessions, this varies on the clients desired results. 
Sessions will typically run between 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the area to be treated. For maintenance, it is recommended to follow treatments once a month for 4 months and once every 4 months.
I take my clients privacy very serious therefore we will not share or disclose any client information. Everything you share during and after your treatments will be absolutely confidential. We will not share any photos without your consent. 

What to Expect

Upon your arrival you will fill out a brief questionnaire and sign a treatment consent form, this will help me learn important details about your goals to make suggestions based on your personal needs. At any time you can ask any questions and share any concerns you may have. You will receive disposable garment on every session.

Getting ready for your treatment

Your body needs to be hydrated it is extremely important to drink at least two litters of water before the treatment and after through the day.
Don’t eat at least two hours prior to your treatment.
Do not drink any alcohol and caffeine on the day of your treatment.

After care

Drink half your body weight in water.

Wait at least one hour before you eat after your treatment.

No alcohol or caffeine 48 hrs after the treatment, this will prevent liquefied fat from exiting your body.

Prevent hot showers or baths immediately after treatment.

Exercise is highly recommended at least 20 minutes of exercise after your treatments will help discharge of liquefied fat. 

Follow a healthy diet for best results.

Stay away from sunlight.

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